Monday, November 1, 2010

tailored by tiffany.

a few weeks ago, i did something new.

i had a fashion photo shoot with the lovely miss tiffany.

tiffany is fashion designer and is going to start her own shop called

i had the wonderful opportunity to photograph her and her many adorable vintage outfits.

besides being absolutely gorgeous and super nice, she is a great model.

this was probably one of my most favorite shoots i've ever done.

we got lucky and were able to use the beautiful fall leaves before they all fell off two days later.

it was hard for me to pick favorites...

prepare for a long post.

and don't forget to head on over to her blog!

here mom asked her what it would feel like to own her own shop:


geri e. said...

ummm... I love this shoot. totally amazing, slam dunk, woot–woot!

Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

A--MAZING!!! Great photography, great modeling. Wow. Awesome Jalene

bama said...

these turned out so dang good. love her vintage stuff with the leaves. Tiff, amazing. Trust and believe I am sending people both your ways like mad. I have talented friends. Its fun.

tifsong said...

oh, beautiful.

Whit said...

great clothes and wonderful photography!

Kara Lynn said...

LOVE it!! My favorite is the first one of her sitting on the suitcase. Nice job Jalene!

Carlita said...

simply put- stunning.

jolie jamie said...

Wonderful wonderful photography. I love the props too!