Tuesday, August 31, 2010

michael & amanda. engagements.

i'd like to introduce you to michael & amanda.

they decided to get married on the coolest day ever--my birthday!!

that makes them cool.  ;)

and here are some lovelies from their engagement session.

we started out at gilgal gardens in salt lake city... totally michael & amanda's idea.
it was really fun for me to have a different location and they wanted something unique for their photos.
so it worked out for the both of us!

isn't she gorgeous?  gah!  michael is one lucky guy.

i especially love this one:

and this one: 

such pretty light.

and then for some reason i always like to do some goofy shots on my shoots.  i think it helps people relax more and produces real smiles.

these are classic:

thanks, michael & amanda!


Anna said...

Gilgal Gardens is one craaazy place, but you made it look great! Great, clean images as always...I noticed you have a nikon, which model?

Anonymous said...

GAH! Yay for Michael and Amanda! :) Good work, Jalene! This lighting is heavenly.