Friday, April 30, 2010

amy. graduated.

i love how these photos turned out.

amy is in my major and has probably been in almost all my classes since i've been up here at usu.

she asked me to take some graduation pictures for her the other night.

it was a mini-session, but still so much fun.

it made me want to take photos of myself for graduation to send in my announcements.

she is so fun and happy all the time.

you can see it in her photos.


my favorite:





Brady Mathews said...

Jalene+Amy, two of my favorite people in the world. 1: Jalene these look SO great. 2: Thats because Amy so HOT. I love em, and love you both as well

the lovely paper blog said...

haha! these are super cute!

megan f said...

amy! I love her!
Also, love both your blogs!

Ginnie Kim said...

I went to high school with Amy!! These are such cute pictures! You are so talented!!